Thursday, February 4, 2016

What to look for when hiring a face painter by a Festival Face Painter in Florida and Connecticut

Hi there, I'm JoAnna, owner of Honey Bunch Face Painting, a Florida based face painting company from St Petesrburg FL...
I've been blessed to have had the experience of painting literally thousands of faces throughout the East coast at Festivals, Fairs and Carnivals. Sometimes, I paint at private parties but usually my daughter is the face painter for birthday parties and private events. We also Face Paint in Connecticut during the summer months.
Festivals Carnivals Fairs Profsessional Face Painter and Body Painter Florida

So, I wanted to talk about what you as a parent and also as a wise consumer, should look for when hiring a face painter...
I get calls every day from parents looking to book a party and whom are shopping around for a quote. I ask every caller if they have viewed my site? Is that how you found me? Surprisingly, 90% of my callers say no, they just did a web search for face painting and called the first that came up. They just want the cheapest pricing.

Folks, when you are hiring a face painter, please go to their site and view their face painting artwork...
Read all their reviews. See what their clients are saying. See if their are pictures and a bio of who the Face Painters are on the site. Read about the products they use. Make sure it's quality makeup.

Please do not just hire someone because they were cheapest!
You could be saving $25 on the better price, but ultimately losing $150 because they did not perform up to par. Be careful and do your homework so that your guests feel fantastic and are safe! Be confident that your artist is talented, professional and clean so when everyone is celebrating at your event, the face painter you hired is creating that magic memory for everyone you had in mind to begin with and not a horror story!

When hiring a face painter:
Ask questions!
What type of paint do you use? Is it hypoallergenic? Is it easy to remove? How do my guests remove it? How often do you paint at parties? Can you paint my theme? How many full face painting will I get for my money?

Do your homework!
View samples of the face painters artwork
Ask questions about the artwork
Read their reviews
Do they carry liability insurance?
Use your common sense. If the face painter does not have sample photos of their own, at least 2 dozen on a site and they do not have any reviews, I suggest looking at other options.

Remember the old saying "You get what you pay for?"
There are different levels of face painters and different types of products for face painters. I would look for the best in professional design whom uses the best quality make up for faces. After all, it isn't even about the money so much as the safety of the product and the enjoyment of magical face paint!

For answers to any questions about face painting or body painting, feel free to drop me an email at or leave comments below and I will answer them. Thanks for reading and happy faces everyone!

Honey Bunch Face Painting uses Diamond FX Brand xxclusively because we have found it to be the safest product with the best pigment and coverage.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Festival Face Painting in South Florida - You Never Forget Your Roots!

Hi Everyone,
It's been awhile since I've written any posts on my Blog. I've been busy face painting at festivals, carnivals, fairs, you name it, I was there!

I wanted to talk about this one festival I did for the first time in Sarasota 2 weeks ago. It was the Thunder by the Bay Festival in downtown Sarasota. I've never done a bike event before, So I decided to give this one a shot and I've never been so happy with the result. There are no better people than the folks that sponsor this event.They put in a lot of time and effort to make sure this festival makes everyone happy and it benefits the Suncoast Charities for Children.
Adult face painter festival face paintnig mardi gra masks sarasota st petersburg tampa fl
Bud girls Amanda and Jen with a sweet pooch and his person, a sweet veteran!

Tiger face painter Tampa Bay Area
A Wild Ride!

Face Painter sarasota

The best thing about being there was I finally remembered where I come from. I am a biker kid and grew up around Harley Davidsons, beards, tattoos and what others would describe as "scary craziness'. To me, there's nothing scary about these guys. My whole family are bikers. My dad and all my uncles. Bikers are a different breed though. Usually honest and hearts bigger than their bikes! They take care of their own and they take care of children. This crowd was no different. I felt safe and at home at this festival and all the kids I painted were cool! It really was great! The Budweiser girls came to me all 3 days to get their faces painted and I made some new friends. I was actually able to leave my booth with all my stuff there unguarded and felt it was safe.

Suncoast Charities for Children is a 501(c)3 that provides funding support to Suncoast Foundation for Handicapped Children, Inc., which over the years has constructed area facilities valued at over $14 million dollars. These facilities are located in North Port, Venice, and Sarasota and last year provided services to approx. 8,000 special needs children, teens, adults and their families. Net proceeds raised from special events help maintain some of these aging facilities and support special project requests. This is beneficial so that the non-profits occupying these facilities for only $1 per year, can direct their program and service money towards the clients they serve. To contribute please click here and contact them directly:
A beautiful Dragon Fly

I am an original rugrat that grew up and moved away from all the bikes and loud fun. I am so happy that I remembered where I come from. I will be back next year and help with their cause and any other future events because if it's for the babies, I'm there! Have a great 2016 everyone! Stay blessed, JoAnna Esposito,

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Face Painting Fun with Honey!: Face Painting in Connecticut is like going to diff...

Face Painting Fun with Honey!: Face Painting in Connecticut is like going to diff...: Hi Everyone! It's been a while since I've blogged anything but I wanted to talk about my summer face painting at carnivals festiva...

Face Painting in Connecticut is like going to different Countries!

Hi Everyone!

It's been a while since I've blogged anything but I wanted to talk about my summer face painting at carnivals festivals and fairs. I live in St Petersburg, FL from the months of September to June and then I travel to the state I was born and raised in Connecticut.  Even though I am a face painter in Florida, I've been face painting in Connecticut in the summer for the past two years now and it's really fascinating how this state has continued to keep some of these towns in very large ethnic groups. In the Tampa area, where I live most of the year, everything is all mixed up. There's a lot of everyone everywhere! But in Connecticut it's very different and here's why. There are entire towns that are just mostly Irish. Some towns are primarily made up of Italians, others are African American, Puerto Rican towns and even Swedish! I know that there are entire Lebanese communities in the Danbury area.
Face Painting at Festivals in Connecticut and Florida
Festival Face Painter Honey Bunch Face Painting

All these little ethnic towns have festivals and they are a lot of fun! I face paint in Danbury CT at the Lebanese festival and when you're there, it's like being in their country! They all speak primarily Arabic. They like to dance and smoke their hookahs. The food is authentic Lebanese and to DIE for. All these little festivals really are like taking a little mini vacation to another country! It's always great for someone to broaden their horizons a little and take a vacation to somewhere else and try something new.
Anna and Elsa Frozen Face Painter
Frozen Face Painting Anna and Elsa

Next time you see an ad for an ethnic festival, don't turn away from it! Go check it out and meet some new people, learn some new things about other people's cultures. I guarantee you will be a better person from the experiences you get. Mingle with the world and have fun. I do and I hope you do too!
Halloween Zombie Skull Face Painter Florida Saint Petersburg Tampa
Halloween Zombie Skull Face Painter Tampa Bay area

Peace, Love and Happy Faces!

Honey Bunch

Friday, December 19, 2014

Face Painting in Florida Throughout The Holiday Season

Hi There,

It's me Honey, I just wanted to talk a little bit about how great it feels to make the kids happy by face painting them, I really love it. I've been to so many holiday parties face painting already and it's not even  Christmas yet! Of course, we always have room for one more party though! This year's MUST HAVE in the 3 to 10 year old's Face Painting designs is Frozen. Oh how they love Anna and Elsa Face Painting! And the little boys love Olaf. Good thing we are true artists, not just face painters so these special requests are no problem. I can now say in confidence that yes, I am now a professional snowflake face painter too.. lol!

One of the best things in life is the smile and laughter of a child. I hope you all have a great New Year! Thanks for reading, Honey, and if you are in Florida and are in need of a face painter, give me a call! 727-565-3502.

Here are a couple of kids we made happy this holiday face painting:

Frozen Face Painting Tampa Bay Florida
Snowflakes and swirls Face Painting

Grinch Face Painting Corporate Parties
Grinch Christmas Face Painting St Petersburg, FL

Corporate Professional Face Painter Tampa Florida
Professional Face Painter in Safety Harbor, Florida

Corporate Event Face Painter in Tampa, Florida
Anna and Elsa Face Painting